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Japanese-language Education Media & Systems Lab







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Educational Centre for
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What is JEMS?

JEMS was set up in April 1999 with the following goals.

Main goals

1.to build a Global Japanese-language education system

2.to develop multimedia materials which utilise the Internet

Nagoya University has developed CAI materials to enable students inside and outside of the university to study Japanese by making the materials available through the home page of the Educational Center for International Students (ECIS)

Also, ECIS is commited to the use of emerging technologies such as the Internet and multimedia, and has developed WEBCMJ, an autonomous learning system via the Internet, which can be used by students overseas even if they do not have access to computers which run Japanese language software. This system is intended for postgraduate students wishing to study in Japan, and is aimed at reducing the burden of learning Japanese once in Japan, by making it possible to start studying Japanese before embarking on a course of study in Japan.